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UN/FAO. Gestion del fuego forestal.

Posted by Firestation en 29/07/2016

Wildland fire management

Handbook for trainers

Timo V.Heikkilä, Roy Grönqvist & Mike Jurvélius

© Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2010


(Download complete version – 8 MB)

Wildland fire management – Handbook for trainers (Download– 459 KB)

1 Background and justification for intensified forest fire control activities (Download– 233 KB)

2 Baseline data for forest fire control (Download– 405 KB)

3 Responsible organisation for forest fire control and basic law enforcement (Download– 1.2 MB)

4 Prevention (Download– 828 KB)

5 Forest fire behaviour (Download– 989 KB)

6 Pre-suppression activities (Download– 1 MB)

7 Forest fire equipment (Download– 1.2 MB)

8 Suppression tactics and techniques (Download– 1.4 MB)

9 Organisation and management of wildfires (Download– 262 KB)

10 Safety, welfare and first aid (Download– 515 KB)

11 Community Based Fire Management (CBFiM) (Download– 252 KB)

12 Fire: a necessary evil (Download– 145 KB)


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