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Terremoto / Tsunami de Chile 2010.

Posted by Firestation en 24/03/2010

Reporte GDACS del Terremoto.

Information source World Data Centre for Seismology, Denver (NEIC)
Link to source event report (us2010tfan)
PAGER report (2010tfan)
Magnitude 8.8 M
Depth 35 km
Location Geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude): -35.8464, -72.7189
Chile , Bio-Bio Province (population: 1789433).
Seismic region: Offshore Maule.

The earthquake happened in Chile , Bio-Bio Province (population: 1789433). , 113km from the city of Concepci¢n. The nearest populated places are Pullay (19km), Quile (19km), Ramadillas (18km), Canelillos (15km), Trogualemo (12km), Molinos (11km), Las Quilas (16km), Chevelle (6km), Curanipe (8km), Las Lomas (14km), Infiernillo (17km).

It is a hilly region with a maximum altitude of 796 m.

Time time 2/27/2010 6:34:14 AM (UTC, Universal Standard Time)
2/27/2010 1:43:21 AM (Estimated local solar time)
Sat, 2/27/2010 07:34 CET (Brussels, Paris, Rome)
Sat, 2/27/2010 01:34 EST (New York, Washington)
Fri, 2/26/2010 22:34 PST (San Francisco, Los Angeles)
Sat, 2/27/2010 14:34 AWST (Australian Western Standard Time)

Reporte en pdf.

Reporte GDACS del Tsunami.

Tsunami event

Location Offshore Maule, Chile
Magnitude (Richter) 8.8
Lat/Lon -35.8464, -72.7189
Event date Sat, 27 Feb 2010 6:34 UTC

Calculation details

Initial conditions, fault geometry and calculation time.

Fault Lenght 398 km
Fault Width 111 km
Fault Height 7.96 m
Fault Angle 246.38 km
Bathymetry cell size 6.655 min
CPU Time 0 min

See all calculations

Calculation status

Calculation completed. Computing time for 11.16h simulation time: 085.1 min Time are considered from time of event

Grid scenario calculation

The requested point is close to an existing grid point. (confidence level of 0.9, based on the difference between the requested and the available initial conditions; a low value indicates an accurate calculation.)

Location Offshore Maule, Chile
Magnitude (Richter) 8.75
Lat/Lon -36, -73

To access the grid calculation click here: Grid Calculation

Visualizacion animada del tsunami.

Reporte de NOAA.


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