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Localizador de Victimas por Vibracion/Sonido.

Posted by Firestation en 28/05/2009

The ASB8-C vibraphone, known to rescue teams all over the world, makes it possible to detect a victim buried under rubble after a catastrophe and to find their exact position. The slightest noise the victim makes can be detected by this device, whose sensitivity is exceptional . The vibraphone is fitted with an adjustable filter which deadens the effect of dull noises like pneumatic drills, lorries passing, etc. The national reference guide specifies that at least two electronic listening packs should be carried in vehicles or with ‘rescue / clearance’ teams. Ship wt. 18 lbs.

  • 1-P68 housing with bar-graphe for adjustment
  • 2-very high gain, low noise amplifiers
  • 2- frequency filters ‘ high pass and band pass’ infinitely variable, filters activated by F1 or F2 key (the chosen frequency is infinitely variable using the + and — keys) :
    Filter 1 : ‘Band pass filter’ significantly reduces low and high frequencies on either side of its tuning point. It filters an incoming signal.
    Filter 2 : ‘High pass’ filter, significantly reduces all frequencies below its adjustment point, which may be between 50Hz and 5 kHz which correspond respectively to the low and the high points on the liquid crystal scale. It eliminates bass sounds such as lorry movements, dull noises, etc.
  • 2-ultra-high sensitivity vibration sensors with 8m of cable
  • 1-sound sensor incorporating a microphone and a loud speaker, with 8m of cable
  • 1-200mW stereo head-set with microphone
  • 1-pack of 6 rechargeable Ni/Mh batteries type LR6 / AA (operating life 5h)
  • 1-Accumulator charger (usable at 50/60Hz 100v to 240v)
  • 1-cigarette lighter charger plug with wire for use in a vehicle
  • 1-carrying strap 1 shock-proof carrying case, dimensions L43 x D35 x H20 cm


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