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11-S. Aspectos Relacionados.

Posted by Firestation en 23/12/2008


Un Analisis Critico del Suceso.

El World Trade Center



NIST NCSTAR 1: Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster: Final Report of the National Construction Safety Team on the Collapses of the World Trade Center Tower

NIST NCSTAR 1-4: Active Fire Protection Systems

NIST NCSTAR 1-5: Reconstruction of the Fires in the World Trade Center Towers

NIST NCSTAR 1-6: Structural Fire Response and Probable Collapse Sequence of the World Trade Center Towers

NIST NCSTAR 1-7: Occupant Behavior, Egress, and Emergency Communication

NIST NCSTAR 1-8: The Emergency Response Operations

NIST NCSTAR 1-9A: Global Structural Analysis of the Response of World Trade Center Building 7 to Fires and Debris Impact Damage

NIST NCSTAR 1A: Final Report on the Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7

FEMA. World Trade Center Building Performance Study

  • Table of Contents (PDF 672KB)
  • Executive Summary (PDF 76.6KB)
  • Chapter 1 (PDF 3.66MB)
  • Chapter 2 (PDF 5.15MB)
  • Chapter 3 (PDF 2.37MB)
  • Chapter 4 (PDF 3.38MB)
  • Chapter 5 (PDF 3.34MB)
  • Chapter 6 (PDF 1.77MB)
  • Chapter 7 (PDF 3.34MB)
  • Chapter 8 (PDF 125KB)
  • Appendix A (PDF 793KB)
  • Appendix B (PDF 793KB)
  • Appendix C (PDF 2.03MB)
  • Appendix D (Accessible Version)* (PDF 2.15MB) with Spreadsheet (XLS 65KB)
  • Appendix D (Nonaccessible Version)* (PDF 2.22MB)
  • Appendix E (PDF 534KB)
  • Appendix F (PDF 420KB)
  • Appendix G (PDF 81.1KB)
  • Appendix H (PDF 41.4KB)
  • Appendix I (PDF 101KB)

Fire, Smoke, and Simulations

DisasterFire Resistance Testing of WTC Floor System

NIST Video: The Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Building Fell

NIST Response to the World Trade Center Investigation Disaster Presentation

Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy theories and Controlled Demolition Myths

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